1010 crawler is a money pit

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1010 crawler is a money pit

Post by Keith-OR » Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:22 pm

Honed cylinders, I was just going to put on rings, and rod bearings, kinda figured the mains were like rod bearings, in good shape. So much for that, pulled the main bearing caps, front one looked good, but center bearing and crankshaft is scored, thrust bearing looked good. So it looks like I need to have crank turned. I haven't mic-ed crank yet, but it looks like might be 20/10. Mains 0.020 under size and rods 0.010.
I'll have to send crankshaft to Portland , as we don't have a real good machine shop here. Our machine shop wanted $300.00 just to turn the mains and in Portland, OR, $185.00 for doing everything, and that is including shipping.

So far I replaced drive plates, frictions, pressure plates, throwout bearings and relined brake bands, on both sides. Now just need to rebuild the motor. I have already rebuilt the carb. Well gonna take out the valves tomorrow, the way my luck has been running, I will need the valves ground also. The head has been replaces as it is not painted, so here is hoping valves are in good shape.

Still need a gas tank, haven't found one yet, but will keep looking.

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Re: 1010 crawler is a money pit

Post by Stan Disbrow » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:45 am


Yup. See my tag line! :P

Also, head to the Yellow JD website and price out a new 450. That ought to make you feel better....

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