jd440ic left turn brake/clutch

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2010 crawler
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jd440ic left turn brake/clutch

Post by dtoots1 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:11 am

Well my newly replaced (last year) left steering quit on me the other day. Hmmm. So i get out the manual and proceed to readjust to see what doing.

I look thru the peephole and see about 1/4 inch gap between the throwout and the clutch? Check the release bolt and seems tight yet, so why the gap?
Loosen all up and reset to specs, now ready but still to muddy to go test and on gravel floor so not raising to free wheel.
so back to hurry and wait!

Only thing i can see is may haps it actually moved back to a bit tighter spot on the groove. I sure don't like to put too much pressure on that little of a bolt since first problem i had on the old clutch was i broke the little bolt trying to get it loose.

Anyone got a torque spec to put on that locking bolt?????

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