420 dozer for sale 5hours down the road

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420 dozer for sale 5hours down the road

Post by NWJD fan » Sat May 05, 2018 11:47 am

Hi. I own a 65 350 straight loader with Case back hoe attachment and dozer blade off a MF 200 crawler, it needs steering clutches and a reverser rebuild, a 75 350C 6 way dozer with winch and pin on rake and good U/C that has a cracked steering clutch housing and slop in the track frame to fwd X bar attachment and a 1980 450C with manual dozer, winch and brush blade that is the queen of the fleet, she is tired and old but everything works. Yesterday this 420 came up for sale on Kijiji ( kind of like Canadian craigslist) and it is only 5 hours away, ( I live in NW British Columbia 6-7 hours away from Smithers, Terrace and Whitehorse Yukon or about 150 miles east of Juneau Alaska) and I want it. Looks like a fun toy to mess around the yard with and would be easy to trailer to my other properties one of which requires negotiating 20% grades through 2 canyons.
Do I need therapy?
Wish I knew how to post links.
Go to kijiji.ca>British Columbia>Skeena-Bulkley>Terrace>Cars and vehicles>Heavy equipment>Heavy equipment in Terrace>Ad ID 1351672051
or go kijiji.ca and search 420 dozer in heavy equipment in all of BC
Besides the usual ran well when parked are there any obvious disasters in the photos?

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Re: 420 dozer for sale 5hours down the road

Post by shinnery » Sat May 05, 2018 7:45 pm

I thought all 20 series Deeres had yellow paint stripes on the sides of the hood. Do the timbers come with it? Winch is nice to have.
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Re: 420 dozer for sale 5hours down the road

Post by 420C-Mike » Sat May 05, 2018 8:33 pm

I believe the first year (1956) 420 did not have the yellow stripe. It as added in 1957.


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Re: 420 dozer for sale 5hours down the road

Post by jwbcontracting » Sat May 05, 2018 10:16 pm

Best to trade in your broken down 350C on the one we have with 5,000 original hours and 85% undercarriage!! We are down on crawler projects and had to resort to putting a motor in a Deere 444C wheel loader today.

A 420 is a little light for more than willlows and dirt work. They will do the work but won’t hold together long. undercarriage is hard to find and expensive. They are fun to mess around with, great machine to plow snow with. That’s all we have done with our green Deere’s.

I would suggest looking for a 440 diesel Dozer if you want a Deere to work that is lighter than a 350. They are built a little heavier than a 420 but a bit lighter than a 350.

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Re: 420 dozer for sale 5hours down the road

Post by Stan Disbrow » Sun May 06, 2018 8:22 am


The pics are poor, buried in a barn. The seller didn't bother to roll it out for decent pics. Probably means it won't run. Looks like it is a 4-roller, but hard to tell for sure. I can't see a top idler in the second pic, so it probably doesn't have one. That means four, not five, rollers. But, maybe the top idler was removed.

I don't see a reverser lever on either side. Early was on the right side of the dash, Late on the left. These are not so good as a dozer or loader without a reverser as there is no sync between 2nd and R in the trans like on the later 350. This means difficulty getting it to gear when shuttling.

As noted, undercarriage is unobtanium. Looks like extensions welded onto the grousers. That is always telling that the u/c has a lot of wear. You can sub 350 parts but that means sticking the sprockets in a big lathe and cutting the teeth off. Then, you use the center as a hub for 350 ring sprockets.

I have zero experience with the particular aftermarket blade on it. I can't tell who made it other than it taint Deere. Some were great. Others not so much. Probably OK if it is a 5-roller, but likely to be hard on a 4-roller. So, one more pointer to a well worn u/c.

As already noted, the 440 was a lot more robust unless this is a late 420 with 5-roller u/c and a 62 blade and a reverser. At that point the 420 would be on par with an early 440 with a 63 blade.

Also as pointed out, these work fairly well as long as you are not in a hurry to get the job done. Get hoggish, and it will bust something you might not be able to get to fix it. Might be why it is buried in a barn....

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