Dubuque Industrial Serial Number Magic Decoder Pin

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Dubuque Industrial Serial Number Magic Decoder Pin

Post by Stan Disbrow » Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:29 pm


Earlier today over in the Late Model Tech forum I referred to the Serial Number Magic Decoder Pin here in the FAQs.

Only, I cannot seem to find a post where it was spelled out stand-alone. Oh, I see it in several other threads. Just not by itself. So, time to do a little cutting and pasting:

Explanation of Type Codes per SM 2064

Basic Tractor Serial Number Explanation

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
| | | | | | |
T 5 F 3 M xxxxxx T

1. The first letter designates the application T = Tractor

2. This number designates the series
4 = JD350
5 = JD450

3. This number designates tractor style
C = Crawler
E = Crawler Loader
F = Crawler Dozer

4. This number designates the fuel type of the engine:
1 = Gasoline
3 = Diesel
(2 must have been LP Gas)

5. This letter designates the type of transmission:
C = Collar Shift
D = Directional Reverser (JD 350)
M = HLR (JD 450)

6. Sequence serial number of six digits

7. This letter designates the plant:
T = John Deere Dubuque Tractor Works

Thanks to Ihoulton who originally posted this over in the 450 serial number thread..

There. Now it may be more easily found.

There are threads for the crawler serial numbers by year for all the machines, each in their own thread, here in the FAQ.

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