used 1010 links and bottom rollers

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mini kahuna
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1010 crawler
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used 1010 links and bottom rollers

Post by mini kahuna » Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:10 am

trying to see if there is any interest in used chain links and bottom rollers.
I have two chains and 6 bottom rollers, they are off 1010 that I rebuilt the bottom and got new parts from Lavoy.
I had to cut the chains to get them off.....pins and bushings are shot, the links are still usable if you need to fill in to make a chain up.
the rollers are also worn but still usable.
just wanted to see if someone is in need of them for a project etc. before I scrap them.
I am thinking 100.00 for all the chain links and 40.00 per a roller.
I am located in northeastern CT.
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