350B, w/ Winch, 6-Way Blade, Shuttle Shift needs work $7500

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350B, w/ Winch, 6-Way Blade, Shuttle Shift needs work $7500

Post by Hutch350B » Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:30 am

John Deere 350B, Winch, 6-Way Blade, Shuttle Shift needs work.

This would make someone a good farm dozer with a little work. It needs a radiator repair and a steering brake on the left side. It is the perfect size for clearing land, digging small ponds, building house pads and roads etc.

I bought the dozer 2-3 years ago to clear my land, build a driveway & housepad. It finished the work that I bought it for but the left steering brake was starting to get weak. I adjusted the brake and it worked ok for a couple more months but it was adjusted as far as it will go and will need to be replaced. You can operate the dozer the way it is, just when you need to turn left you have to hit reverse and hit the right brake and this also causes the front end to turn left. You can buy a brake band from Lavoy I think :)

I do have a complete serices manual, owners manual and parts manual for the dozer that will go with it. I gave almost $300 for the manuals.

The radiator developed a leak on the back side last year and I have not pulled the radiator. I drained the radiator and block last fall and have not started it since. I think this is the same radiator as in the 3040 JD farm tractors so it should not be too hard to locate a used one, or the one on it may be able to be repaired. The battery was great when I parked it a year ago but it will probably need a jump start and it is possible it will need a new battery.

It has a shuttle shifter (reverser). So you do not have to shift gears when changing directions, just a hydraulic lever to shift from reverse to forward. This gives you 4 speeds forward, 4 in reverse.

I think it shows 2500 hours on the meter but I doubt that is accurate. The motor starts easy and runs smooth. The undercarriage is worn but usable. I think it would last a long time as a farm dozer but if you are planning on working it commercially it would need undercarriage replacement eventually sometime in the future. Has the usual small leaks here and there but nothing major. The hydraulics are good and strong, lifts the dozer front end at an idle no issues. I have never tried the winch out at all but I assume that it works.

These little JD dozers bring $12K-$15K in good running shape. I am pricing this one at $7500 because it does need work. I am not going to come off that price very much otherwise I will just buy the parts and fix it myself. I have told you everything I know about it, not trying to hide anything. It is a project and is priced accordingly. I think with a steering brake, radiator repair and maybe batteries you would have a good running little dozer again. It weighs in at around 11K so you can pull it with a 1 ton truck & gooseneck.

Located SE of Oklahoma City about 40 miles. Below is a link to my craigslist ad to see pictures and get my contact info.

JD 350-B

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