Staying Busy

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Staying Busy

Post by CuttingEdge » Fri May 15, 2020 3:08 am

We were just told we would be off work for another 60 days. I told Katie yesterday that we minds well buy some paint and paint the house so that I have something to do. I am not really one to stand around and do nothing, so in the last 2 months of elevated toilet paper pricing, I have:

Redid my master bedroom
Redid my main bathroom
Built a 8x12 duck coop (we love our ducks)
Graveled half the driveway (250 cubic yards)
Put new tires on my tractor

I am still working on my generator project, and making significant headway. I managed to get the transmission line run from the house to the generator shed, which was the equivalent of a new entrance cable into the house. Since full power has to go from house to shed, or back depending on if I am running off the grid, or making my own power, it had to be 100 amps and 2-2-4 wire, run overhead! I also wired it into a new control box so I can see what it is putting out for volts, amps and hertz.

After another 91 hour power outage due to a May blizzard, realized I wanted back-up, of back-up, power. So my generator is going to be dual-driven, either off my pto of my tractor, or of my Perkins engine. I got to do some more to it still, like get the fuel lines hooked up, and then get the engine belted properly to the generator so that the engine runs in the power band, and yet has enough frequency (hertz). But, it is coming out better than I had first thought.

I just got to get the house painted before July 3rd, because that is when Ditch Side Mowing begins! (I mow the ditches for (5) towns.

I have no intention of traveling to my grave in a well manicured body; instead I am going to slide into heaven with a big power turn, totally wore out with busted knuckles, jump off my dozer loudly yelling, Woo Hoo, another Shepard has just arrived!

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