350D: Move a 20 x 12 Building?

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350D: Move a 20 x 12 Building?

Post by CuttingEdge » Tue May 02, 2017 9:39 am

I will admit it, I have an out-of-control-moving-buildings fetish. So far I have moved 5 buildings in my life. We have been farming here since 1746, so there are buildings after buildings, and as time goes on, so does decay, but often the roofs are fine, they just are not in ideal spots. Now we have plenty of trees and the sawmills to make lumber, but roofing material costs money, so I have found it can be quite advantageous to move buildings rather then build new ones. AND you don't need to get a building permit either!

I just did some major earth work to get a flat spot on my 6% grade that I live on, 50 feet by 70 feet for (2) buildings. The first is a 12 x 20 building, framed 4 feet on center with 6 x 6's, boards for sheathing, a board ceiling, and an aluminum roof. In other words not super light, but not super heavy. My plan is to put it on skids and see if the 350D will drag it?

What do you think? It has brand new grousers so it should bite well enough, and on skids it should slide over lawn and gravel.

I am thinking it can, only because my little Kubota was able to pull a 2 x 4 framed shed that was 12 x 18 with asphalt roof. However my Kubota could NOT pull a 13 x 22 foot 2x8 framed garage, 2 feet on center, board sheathed with asphalt roof. If I have to, I suppose I can hook the skidder onto it and pull while I push with the bulldozer, but I prefer not to.

So what say the experts?
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Re: 350D: Move a 20 x 12 Building?

Post by Stan Disbrow » Tue May 02, 2017 10:21 am


My Dad moved a.12x16 storage building with a 420 back in the 70s using two hard rock maple trees for skids. Uphill, too. Only one way, though! ;)

So, you ought to be good. I need also say that the ground was mostly shale and the path was a cut road - our secondary driveway. So, your ground might not be as kind to skidding on as ours was.

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