maximum degree of climbing, assent, descent

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Re: maximum degree of climbing, assent, descent

Post by pop pop » Mon May 07, 2018 9:59 am

yes that brings back memories ,and i was a young man back then and i still hated that unforgiving metal slapping my backside.
come to think of it, i dont think anything had seatbelts, the newer tractors of about the mid 70's??? i think i remember belts on those.
i suppose i would want the ability to fly off the machine if it tumbled, unless it has a rollbar,rollcab.
i would probably use something to hold my butt in the seat so as to be able to operate without sliding off the seat during work on slopes.
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Re: maximum degree of climbing, assent, descent

Post by shinnery » Mon May 07, 2018 7:49 pm

The first car seatbelts was about '66. My brother had a '67 Barracuda and the shoulder belts were totally separate from the lap belts. No belts without some kind of a cage or bar around you.
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Re: maximum degree of climbing, assent, descent

Post by Stan Disbrow » Tue May 08, 2018 4:00 am


Had a 59 Ford with a factory lap belt for only the driver. Had a 63 Ford with factory belts for both front seat positions. They became mandatory for the 67 model year. First car I saw with a shoulder belt was 69 or 70, but they were not retractable and clipped onto the lap belt at the latch. Most just stayed folded up along the roof line. I am unsure just when the always-attached, retractable shoulder belts came along. Mid-70s anyway. It was a work-in-progress for about ten years.

Lap belts in cars became a driver added item starting 1946 or so with all the ex-pilots coming home from WWII. They had them in their planes, and so liked them. Racers use much wider and thicker belts with five or six points. Points five and six are crotch straps to keep from submarining under the dash. I can tell you from many experiences that double sub belts (six points) is more comfortable when you use it than a single sub belt. :P

On tractors, they began when Deere came up with the RollGard on the 4020, and then gave free licence to all makers to use it. As pointed out already, always use a belt with a ROPS, never use one without a ROPS. My 5103 has a fold-down ROPS and so has a safety sticker regarding seat belt use or not with the thing Up or Down. Not that I ever fold it. First thing I did after I bought it was stick a canopy on it. :)

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