My JD 410-D TLB project

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My JD 410-D TLB project

Post by amos » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:20 am

Getting down to the end now: repairing back side lower edge of loader bucket(peeled back in a few spots) with 3 x 3 x 1/4 thick angle and 4" x 1/4 thick flat.
Got seeps on 3 cylinders but they are seeps and can wait. Got her running like a sewing machine: just bump the starter and she purrs. Still have a wiring issue with alternator that I have to sort out.Over the month I've fixed linkage issues,replaced 7 hoses,completed heavy service cycle with all fluids and filters changed etc.fuel tank leak repair ,and other assorted small fixes (cheap but time consuming).No blow by,later model engine,good brakes and loads of power.Has JD cab with all glass intact.Good rubber.Left rear axle assembly has been recently replaced: still in the black with no rust(found that when cleaning)All BH pins and bushings surprisingly tight.Loader pins and bushings a little looser. Has a heater but fan is OOC(don't really need heater in Texas)1980 model by serial number.
Plan is to do a final cleaning and throw it on Craigs List for $12,500.00. If it sells it sells and if it doesn't it won't break my heart: grown to like this one too and if I keep it I'll paint it and put it to use at farm or for some coin.
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