Got the flu and it's as bad as they say

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Got the flu and it's as bad as they say

Post by amos » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:31 am

Friday throat was a little scratchy and saturday woke up sick as a dog:same day I had to go and look at/pick up another project:JD 1050 tractor.
Felt so bad last few days didn't even get a chance to really look at new treasure.
Had some antibiotics in my personal stash to handle the bronchial infection and they knocked it out and aspirin for fever and skull bustin headache,some tussin(Robitussin DM) for the congestion/mucus build up,lots of water, and sleep.
Feeling more human today but will still only work a half day.
Had the flu shot last fall and it might have limited the full flu effect a bit.
Flu was making the rounds at my factory and it finally made it to the office. Receptionist,then accounting clerk,then da boss. Ugh.
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