2000 Posts and Crawling

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2000 Posts and Crawling

Post by Tigerhaze » Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:14 pm

I just looked at my post counter and realized I just crawled passed 2000 posts. I joined this board in the summer of 2006 when starting to look at my first 2010 crawler, and while I knew a fair amount about auto and truck repair I knew very little about construction equipment repair and crawlers specifically. Owning 3 JD crawlers and a host of other construction equipment now helps the learning curve ;)

It is amazing to think how far I have advanced in knowledge about these crawlers, yet how little I still know when reading posts from others on here. If you look at some of my earliest posts I had some of the same major misunderstandings and overly simplistic assumptions about crawlers that other new members have so have tried to remember that when posting. I'd like to think most of those posts had some intrinsic value, even if solely for a laugh at something stupid I did; the photos are there to prove it. :oops: :lol:

I think one of my biggest contributions to the board has been to have a good recollection of previous threads and being able to find them for others. There is so much good info on this board it would be hard to find it all, but for new members I would encourage them to search and read what you can on a subject before posting and listen carefully to the advice given; it pays more dividends than just asking a question without researching it first and not listening to the answers you get from this wealth of knowledge.

Anyhow I have been blessed to talk with you all over the years (most in cyberspace but a few in person) and hopefully given you a few laughs or helped find some info along the way. :D
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Post by CuttingEdge » Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:57 pm

I appreciate all the trouble you have gone through making links for a newbie such as I. I have read all the ones you have given on the discussions I have posted and found the back-reading enjoyable...and because it is about older equipment...the topics were just as pertinent today as it was when originally posted even if that was a few years ago.

My dip into JD crawlers (or any crawler) was with a JD 1010. I know I was 10 years old because my 5th grade school teacher told my mother I was a good student, but lived "in a fantasy world". My mother was surprised because she said I was "honest to a fault" and that was when the teacher said that I talked about driving a bulldozer all the time. My mother was like, "well he does".

My first moving violation was not burning the tires off my first car, or getting caught by the police parking with my first girlfriend, but at age 10 droving a bulldozer across a paved public way (we own land on both sides and so this is something I still do today).

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Post by Stan Disbrow » Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:01 pm


When I was in elementary school it was the same, except no teacher would have ever applied the word 'fantasy' to my exploits. My Uncle's dealership owned the patch of land where half of recess occurred. Every teacher in the place could see me moving equipment from one side of Factory Lane to the other both before and after school on almost every day.

Oh, and no moving violations from doing so, either. ;)

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