1010 Loader project

Show us pictures of your JD crawler and attachments.
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1010 Loader project

Post by Hurlbutt » Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:00 pm

I keep bouncing between projects with changing priorities and urgent things along with waiting for parts. Little has been done yet. The Marvel Schebler has been disassembled cleaned and reassembled along with the the fuel line from the pump to carb being soaked and blown out. In the aircraft arena, the Marvel Scheblers are sometimes known as Marvelous Dribblers. I think they are now a Facet product but am likely wrong with my memory.
The terminals are for a side post battery and the ones available were top post so I used jumpers and spun the engine over a little.
I removed the gas tank for cleaning and found the filler neck and the fuel quantity sending unit were sealed with silicone in and the neck had lumpy brazing and soldering. There was rust between the neck flange and the tank and the sending unit was history. I've decided to temporarily reattach the neck to support the vent tube and pug the other holes and put in a bit of sand and tumble it. It needs a good cleaning before repairing the neck and sending unit replacement.
At some point, the hydraulic line from the pump must have failed. There is a pipe routed under the right leg area and down through the floor which has been cut away which goes to the spool. I don't know if it worked well but it leaves too little room for my feet so that will have to be fixed eventually. I've also noticed oil on the concrete, I suspect from the final drives.
There were two coils mounted and a few wires draped around the distributor. One of the coils is good but the voltage dropping resistor was missing. A little research indicated a 2 ohm unit is appropriate so I have one waiting for when I tinker on it again.

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