1010c Diesel loader

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Re: 1010c Diesel loader

Post by Firemn260 » Wed May 30, 2018 4:32 pm

Just a update. My freind I bought it from happened to have two new glow plugs that he forgot he purchased a few years ago and two of my original plugs ended up checking out ok. So now with 4 working plugs and a rebuilt fuel primer she lites right off with ease. Smoke clears right up with a bit of additional glowing and dosnt seem to be burning a drop of oil.
Just got to change and check fluid levels and I’ll be on my way.

Still have to get some cornhead grease for the rollers and still have to hit up lavoy for the button head grease gun fitting. Unfortunately my freind used whatever grease he had for the track rollers so I’m a bit concerned about the condition of the seals.

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