Now have a 78 JD350C

Show us pictures of your JD crawler and attachments.
B Town
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2010 crawler
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Re: Now have a 78 JD350C

Post by B Town » Tue May 22, 2018 9:17 am

Regarding the 420C, it is original only one. Bruce

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Stan Disbrow
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Re: Now have a 78 JD350C

Post by Stan Disbrow » Tue May 22, 2018 1:54 pm


Well, she still runs ok. Compression is a little low, so she doesn't have the power she used to have. My main concern when it comes to really using it is the coupler between the reverser and the trans. It has a bit of slop I can feel when changing directions. To get to that requires pulling everything ahead of the trans. So, if I went for that, I would attend to everything else along the way.

At which point everything would get a fresh coat of paint.

The steering clutches and brakes were done back around 1990. Just before Dad took it North with him when he retired. He and his brother (the one who owned the dealerships) bought a sizable chunk of real estate and proceeded to have fun. Uncle had a 440 IC, you see. :)

We didn't paint anything back in 1990. Just fixed it and left that part alone. It is getting to be in need of some paint all these years later. But, as I say, I won't just paint it unless I go into everything and take care of whatever might need attention. Then, I could call it a restoration.

As you note, it is only original once. I suppose I could tear into it and then not paint it. Even then I would be disturbing original dirt which has been there for decades. :p

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Paul Buhler
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Re: Now have a 78 JD350C

Post by Paul Buhler » Wed May 23, 2018 5:27 pm

Yep, I like the KISS method of maintenance too. If I'm in the area, I may dig into something a bit further, but if I have no reason to make more work for myself, I don't. Paul
Paul Buhler
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