455G new owner left steering brake pedal sticking

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455G new owner left steering brake pedal sticking

Post by jwalk2c » Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:07 am

Hello All,
Thank you for this great forum
I just purchased a 1997 455G site un-seen, and I was told everything was checked out and ready to go.
Hour meter is 1157 hours and believed to be correct, it originally was owned by a State Park.
I have only moved it a 100 yards or so, but I am now concerned if all systems were diagnosed properly.
The right steering pedal is remaining in the down position, and you have to pull it back to be able to turn left.
My only experience is with a Caterpillar 935 that I just sold, and coincidentally had the same issue, but I was able to repair.
When I turn off the ignition to shut down engine, both pedals go down automatically.
Is this normal and if so I assume it’s the parking brake?
I know nothing about working on John Deere and I will purchase a service manual.
Can anyone suggest what service and operators manual?
And what may be the issue with sticking steering brake?
Thank you
Johnny Walker

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