350D track spring problem

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Stan Disbrow
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350 crawler
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Re: 350D track spring problem

Post by Stan Disbrow » Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:36 am


I keep reading along and thinking there is an issue with the sprocket. In forward, the first two bushings contacting the sprocket teeth have the force. The rest just ride along lightly. In reverse, all of the bushings in contact with the teeth are sharing the load. If that isn't correct where they meet, the bushings will ride up the teeth and pull the top of the chain towards the rear. That will pull on the idler and force it rearward against the spring.....

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Re: 350D track spring problem

Post by dtoots1 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:00 am

Bill....regards posting pics.....first of all...do you know how to put your pics in the computer...? like when you want to send some pics in the email?.. if you can do that we can certainly help you get the pics posted to this site. Several ways to do it...do you use camera or phone to take pics.?...

2nd....have you registered for the jccrawlers pic server site?..if you have it will be very simple to help you get them in. If you have not registered to that site yet...send message to Lavoy he will need your login and password to set up....either send using private message board here or email directly to him., once you are registered we can help get them in.

Camp Creek
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Re: 350D track spring problem

Post by Camp Creek » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:10 pm

I did get the problem fixed with the help of all of you guys and I now have a compete running crawler!!! WoHo!! The problem did turn out to be the spring. It is unclear if the one in the machine was faulty, there were no visible breaks but could not really examine the inner spring. In researching this late model 350D I did learn that late in the serial #’s there was a spring design change. It went from two springs to one larger spring and a sleeve around the compressing bolt. The spring was a good bit larger. Original one was .850 diam. On the larger spring and the new one was 1.07” diam on the larger spring. But there was no inner spring. We installed the new one. New master pin. Took it out and spun it round and round in reverse, turning to the right, before the repair it would not have made it a quarter trend before the track started jumping sprocket teeth. And the shoe the idler assembly rides in on the track frame would move back about 1 1/4”. A. 1/2 hour of hard turning produced no slippage and no movement of the idler carrier. I did buy a new spring, about $450 + shipping. Again, thanks for all of the help, I have a crawler that is as close to new as any of these old ones get. All i need now is a stock fairlead that would bolt onto my winch.


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