Winter Lay-up Suggestions

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Winter Lay-up Suggestions

Post by amos » Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:16 am

Hi All,
Winter's here with mud and some snow and if you're like me some equipment is done till next spring.Here's what I do for winter season lay ups:
Obviously check freeze point on anti-freeze. It will loose freeze protection over the years.
I'm a firm believer in battery tenders: on large equipment that won't fit in my barns I remove the batteries and set them on a wood bench and connect a battery tender to each one. On equipment in the barns I rotate the tenders so each has a tender connected every other 30 day cycle(all year long).
On outside equipment I grease everything with a grease fitting to keep water and resultant ice intrusion to a minimum.
Exhaust flapper or not anything outside gets a coffee can over the exhaust.
Tarp over it is good but at the least protect the operator station.
Fuel additives: had problem with algae growth in diesel 1 time and started using an additive with a biocide to kill algae ever since.
Fuel filter/water separator: had one freeze on my in bed fuel tank on my truck once when I was in Nebraska in January picking up a used trailer. Found it when I attempted to fuel my truck via that tank. No flow. HEET will work but Cetane additive is safer in my opinion.
Please add your recommendations for what has worked for you.
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