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New to You Machine Eval

Post by amos » Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:44 pm

Working on 1 more project machine(finished 1 but still needs paint).In a perfect world previous owner kept good records and gave them to you. But the world ain't perfect.
First I replaced the obvious bad hyd hoses (7).
Current project hasn't been properly maintained or even cleaned and yesterday I spent 3 hours pressure washing just to get 20 years of oil,dirt,asphalt, etc off to start looking for sources of leaks.
When I got the build up off I then warmed it up and parked it on clean cardboard and let it set overnight to help pinpoint the leak sources.
So far: steel fuel line from fuel tank perforated via corrosion:easy braze job to fix.
Hyd pump oil soaked. Fix was a $0.12 o-ring on pump vent plug.
Oil pan gasket leak.Gasket is $38.00 from JD.
Cylinders all appeared to be leaking but once cleaned none are currently leaking: "leaks" were just years of filth.
Assorted linkages were stiff or partially seized but stiffness was caused by filth build up.Cleaning and a few squirts of WD-40 and they are working.
Hyd and trans filter canisters are both leaking. Haven't drained the sumps and pulled the filters but I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts filters are original and canister seal rings are dry rotted.Complete hyd service $300.00ish.
Engine oil and filter change along with fuel and air-filters after pan gasket replacement.
Still can't post pics but machine was UGLY when I bought it and as such I got a decent deal.No smoke or blow by and 52 PSI oil pressure with 30WT oil. No cross contamination of fluids either. Service and repairs might be $500.00 total and a decent paint job by me is another $200.00.
Easy machine to sell and make $5000.00 profit but I'll probably keep it as when i get done it will be a very good machine.
Hopefully this will help guide my friends here on what to look for when looking at machines to keep or sell. Absolutely butt ugly but with good bones are the money makers.
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