Hydraulic Pump on new machine:got lucky

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Hydraulic Pump on new machine:got lucky

Post by amos » Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:48 am

Morning All,
Still chasing leaks on my new machine and thought hyd pump leak was vent o ring. That was 1 leak but also found end plate seal ring leaking. Fiddlin with it and to remove end plate to change seal ring requires removal of either bull nose and in this case the fuel tank(not a crawler but is a JD machine) or removal of the pump with all of other things that must be removed.
So,backed off on the 4 end plate bolts,eased it back a half inch,looked for dirt where they mate up and retorqued in correct sequence. Leak stopped.
Every now and again it can be a simple fix.
Next is oil pan gasket and I'm on the fence. Drip is a drop every 20 seconds when running and it's a whole lot of work to fix a very minor leak but I also hate any leaks.
Was going to be a fix and flip but the more I work on the machine the more I see the positives.Not a hoarder but a man does need at least 2 TLB's doesn't he?Especially when they are pretty cheap?
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