455G baulky steering

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455G baulky steering

Post by crmorse » Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:06 am

Hi ya'll,

I've previously posted about transmission problems but God smiled on me and connected me with a local Father/Son shop that did a great job on a rebuild and it runs great now. However, after a dozen hours or so it developed an odd steering quirk. The right pedal always works perfectly but the left pedal will sometimes not "clutch" but only drag the brake. I can tell this is happening because the engine will lug down slightly but the machine will still turn. The strangest part is it seems to be tilt dependent. If the machine is tilting downhill it's almost 100% reliable. If tilting uphill it's almost 0%. (yes, I stopped using it then ;-))

I called the shop and they gave me some helpful suggestions on how to set the break/steering adjustment and to check & lube all of the pedal linkages. That made it better but it still happens. The shop is willing to come out and look at it but due to distance it's almost $300 just for them to show up. Then order parts + round trip again, etc.

I have owner's manual and parts manual. Are there any more things I can check myself?

Looking at the JD Parts diagram there doesn't seem to be much to it, I'd guess a rotten o-ring that's snagging or a broken spring or something. This same steering control unit seems to be used in a lot of different models but I haven't found a cross-reference for it yet. Anyone know if a rebuild kit might be available? I'm pretty sure I could handle that on my own.
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