Jd 350 track loader pressurized gear box!?!?!

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Jd 350 track loader pressurized gear box!?!?!

Post by Girardi24 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:31 am

I was pushing with it and it stopped moving. I took seat cover off and there is milky fluid getting pushed through the shifter boot. Any one have any ideas?

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Re: Jd 350 track loader pressurized gear box!?!?!

Post by Stan Disbrow » Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:31 am


Well, milky fluid is water emulsified with the oil. While that is bad in and of itself, I can't think of why that alone stopped it moving. Well, could have lunched a bearing, gear or shaft I suppose. That ought to have made some noise, though. It coming out can be due to it getting hot and the water beginning to turn to steam and foaming the messy fluid and expanding it.

Could it be the oil was coming out of the reverser dipstick and not the trans one? No, you say shifter boot and that is trans. I can think of a really good reason why watered oil would stop motion if this is in the reverser. As in it lost hydraulic capability and can't keep the clutch packs pressurized.

Power flow is engine to reverser then trans and then finals. Trans and finals share oil. Might have pushed some oil into the steering clutches, but then I would think one side would lose power ahead of the other.

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