Rippers off a JD550, fab brackets for a 450/350 rear mount?

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Rippers off a JD550, fab brackets for a 450/350 rear mount?

Post by AddamsonFlint » Sat May 25, 2019 1:12 pm

Hey everyone, happy Memorial Day-

So, I stumbled upon this set of rippers only 30 miles from my house, in totally amazing condition, and for a killer price. Here's a google drive link to a pic. ... JGLdMcRmVX

Problem is, they are off a 550, and I have 350C :(

Now, if I was gonna rip a lot of rocky shit, this might be too much stress and wear on my final drives. However...I need them for some gummy clay mix dirt, and these big fat shanks would work great for that. Plus, my 9300 backhoe attachment weighs in at 4500lbs. So attachment weight of these isn't much of a concern. (The 3100 rippers weigh 650lbs, I'm thinking these maybe 900?)

Anyways, obviously this doesn't mate up to the hook & hole connection points on the back of the 350/450's.

Any input or advice on fabbing up the connection brackets I'd need to make, to be able to mount it?

Any other potential issues with using the 550 rippers?

Anyone ever mate parts from the 550 and 450 platforms?

Thanks for reading.

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