350C with no response or input to right track.

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350C with no response or input to right track.

Post by horvat » Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:08 pm

Hello I am new to this forum and it has been incredibly helpful so far. I recently was given all of my father in laws equipment and with it the headaches of figuring out the issues. I have this 76 350C and got it run great. I was back dragging my property and when I put it back in forward I no longer had any response from the right side. No power to the track, so in return no response from the steering clutch but also the brake does not stop the track from rolling. There was no loud noise, no grinding, nothing sounds wrong. When giving it a once over afterwards I have noticed almost all bolts on that track side are about one turn out local meth heads doing I believe. So other than that every thing else seems normal. I have limited time to spend working on it as it is 50 miles from where I live and i just dont get a break from work often enough. I was hoping someone had seen similar symptoms or could point me in the right direction for when I do get to the property. Thanks for any advice.
1976 350C dozer

Jim B
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Re: 350C with no response or input to right track.

Post by Jim B » Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:53 am

Welcome to the forum. It looks like you are about a couple hours from Cle Elum John who posts here.

A few questions to clarify/expand on things. As much info as possible helps.

Sounds like you have a dozer but please confirm if this is a dozer or loader. If dozer, is it an inside or outside blade? You say it is a 1976, 350C. Have you confirmed that by the serial number? I ask, not knowing its history or if your FIL bought it new, as people have changed decals and misrepresented these crawlers over the years.

Do you have the manuals for it? One of the Operator's Manual (there are several possiblities: OM T44047, OM T56371, OM T62741, OM T70343, OM T73439, OM T79469). The Technical Manual is TM1115. You can use the free on line parts catalog at JDParts HomePage: https://jdparts.deere.com/servlet/com.d ... nguage=19 . The info in these will help you closer identify what you see by the component names, which will help better relay what you are seeing to others.

When you say no response on the right, when you pull the left lever, the engine acts and sounds like the transmission is in neutral?

You say almost all the bolts on that track side are about 1 turn out. There are a number of bolts at different locations on a "track side". Some could affect the drive system, some won't. Do you really mean almost all (crossbars to track frame, idler, top roll, bottom rolls, rock guards, sprocket, final drive to transmission case, etc.) or almost all in a specific area(s)? Did you try turning any of the bolts or just a visual of they appeared a turn out?

How long had you been working it, this day, before this symptom appeared? Had it been steering and driving correctly prior to this? Had you been pushing any heavy loads that would have shown a weak side or just traveling "unloaded"? Any visible oil leaks on that side? When you pull on the right steering lever, does it feel the same on the right as the left?

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