JD350 Service Manual Question

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JD350 Service Manual Question

Post by Quest4Life » Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:13 pm

I tried to order a JD350 Operator's Manual and Service Manual as I just recently acquired an old JD350 with 6-Way blade and winch.

Any suggestions for best source? And does anyone know if Davenport Tractor is an actual business? I placed an order from them for both on June 29th and have emailed them, used their online request form, and tried everything other than calling them this week and have never received a response or or order email even, or the slightest indication they actually are a real business and exist (but there my order sits in their online system saying not shipped) --I haven't be able to / Can't call out from where I am at this week...but getting desperate to get a manual to solve a few minor issues and if they are real I'll wait, if not I need to order one somewhere else and looking for suggestions.

Any suggestions? Anyone know if Davenport is a real business, or if I got scammed :) ..... probably the latter with my luck.

Thanks all.

PS. The amount of information and experience and help that I've found reading through posts on this site in the last month since I bought the dozer is truly phenomenal ... and priceless to one more newbie ... with their first dozer ...running around on 161 acres with it ....and wondering why it does this or doesn't do that ..or where to even begin to look to fix/track/identify the problem. The resource of this site is truly one of the best and even most clearly/well written examples of tech help/troubleshooting/and so on for anything I have ever owned.

So Thank you to all of the people out there.....I don't know what I would have done without this site/info you all have shared over the years. But I do know I will be visiting here a whole lot more in coming weeks, months, and years!!!

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Re: JD350 Service Manual Question

Post by Jim B » Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:44 pm

Welcome Phil.

Lavoy Wilcox, the owner and provider of this site can help you with getting the right manuals. Email him at postmaster@jdcrawlers.com . He sells parts for John Deere crawlers, so we try to support his business when we can.

I have seen some references to Davenport Tractor on other sites and it doesn't sound like they are very active to say the least, from those references. You might want to see about canceling your order and payment if you can.

In the future you should make posts regarding your 350 on the late models board. That is the board for 350 and newer model discussions. The early models board stops with the 2010 crawler

It sometimes help to add a general location in your profile so folks see it. There might be a case where you are looking for something, or help, and someone might know of something in your area.


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Re: JD350 Service Manual Question

Post by Lavoy » Fri Jul 19, 2019 6:42 pm

I moved the topic.
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