Jd 450e not starting when hot

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Jd 450e not starting when hot

Post by Nick450E » Mon Aug 19, 2019 9:15 am

Hey all! I’m new to the crawler world with my recent purchase of a mid 80’s JD 450E.

All was well until after 20-30 min of use the machine idled down died and would not restart. Would crank but wasn’t getting fuel. No smoke nothing. I didn’t have time to mess with it that night, came back the next morning and it fired right up.

Operated the machine for 45 min or so, then I shut it down and again she wouldn’t restart.

So I replaced the fuel filter and ran through my typical bleed procedure.

- use manual lift pump to get fuel through filter to injector pump. I am sure there is fuel at the injector pump, I crack the feed line she’s flowing and if I crack the return line i get diesel.

- I crack the injectors and crank until the pump has pushed all the air out and retighten line at injector. However I can not get ANY FUEL past the injector pump.

There aren’t any typical signs of pump failing (no rat turds)

Glass ball check valve is clean and operating

Fuel is in tank and even with cap off it’s not helping.

I’m curious if my electric solenoid is bad and once it closes when the machine is hot it won’t reopen?

Or is it most likely a bad pump?

Once she’s running she’s strong as can be!


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Re: Jd 450e not starting when hot

Post by Jim B » Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:37 am

There is more in the diagnostic section of the 450E Operation and Tests manual TM1330OP. But these are the ones that best fit your scenario. You have already done several of the others.

Check to see if you have power to the IP terminal when this happens.

Check the IP ground cable.

You should hear the solenoid click when the key is turned to on. You can use a jumper wire from the battery, or other power point, to energize the solenoid terminal so you can be next to the IP to hear the solenoid if needed.

The technical manual says to lightly tap on the IP housing cover if you don't hear the solenoid, the metering valve might be stuck. (Pump repair recommended if that is the case.)

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