555G Milky hydraulic transmission fluid

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MC crawler
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555G Milky hydraulic transmission fluid

Post by billkennis » Tue Nov 05, 2019 9:35 am

Would like to the best way to handle this, running getting warm and draining is the only way i know.
Not much available online on how to drain and refill.
Newbie at large equipment.
Thanks in advance.

Jim B
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Re: 555G Milky hydraulic transmission fluid

Post by Jim B » Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:21 am

Welcome to the board.

FYI. Your post will likely get moved to the Late Model Crawlers Board, as that is where these type questions belong.

First I would recommend you purchase the Operator's and the Technical Manuals for your machine. For the most part you will not find free Operator or Service/Technical manuals on line for newer machines like yours. There are a few older ones out there, but they won't help you. Most manufacturers will put the parts catalogs on the internet to sell parts. Giving free access to Operator's and Service/Technical Manuals allows work to bypass their dealers, so no money in that for them. The John Deere Parts Catalog for it can be found at https://jdparts.deere.com/servlet/com.d ... ndingPage , if you don't want to purchase a parts catalog as well.

Lavoy sells some manuals in his store (which provides this site for us to use). You should contact him (postmaster@jdcrawlers.com) to see if he can get the ones for your machine. If he can not help you with manuals, post back and someone will offer other suggestions. Money spent on the proper manuals will save you money in the end.

Oil and filter change is the starting point. Some add Seafoam transmission/hydraulic treatment to the oil to help evaporate the water off. Working it and getting it up to and keeping at temperature for a while is key to success of that. Determining the source of the water, and stopping it if possible, is key. You may have leaking covers on top of the transmission and steering clutches letting rainwater in as well as condensation.

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