Best $38.50 I spent

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Best $38.50 I spent

Post by amos » Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:54 am

Needed 2 new 11L x 16 12 ply front tires on the 410 TLB and had a commercial truck and equipment tire shop get them in and since I am about 4 minutes from them had them bring a service truck to install at my lot. Finally came yesterday and it was a major chore. Wheels were a bear to get off,tires were one with the rims,New tires were pretty dang stiff and it took me and the tech well over two hours to do the job(no way he could have done it alone).2 new 11l x 16 12ply were $395.00 installed of which $38.50 was the field service charge.
When i needed new fronts on the 310 TLB I pulled them off and took to the shop and after spending over an hour with a 4-way to get those off I learned my lesson and let me tell you that $38.50 field service fee is well worth it!
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