Part/model # list for 350 attachments?

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Part/model # list for 350 attachments?

Post by AddamsonFlint » Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:02 pm

Hey guys,

I'm trying to find part and model numbers (and potentially a complete list) for the various attachments for my 350C. I've been surprised at how many interesting and different attachments I've come across while searching online. I've found a forklift mast attachment before, a tree spade, and even a rear-mount grapple arm before on a logger model out in Washington state.

Unfortunately, you don't know what you don't know in this world, and I've only stumbled across these by simple chance and luck. I wanted to know if anyone knows of or has a list or collection of info on all the various attachments, most importantly any associated model or part numbers.

Specifically what I'm looking for is:

The extend-a-hoe (is it a 9250, a 9300 or maybe the 9550?)

Rippers (3100 or 3110, right?)

Anyone ever come across the rear-grapple I mentioned? (I found it once but haven't ever come across it again.)

Any other really unique attachments?

Any input someone can provide is way appreciated!!!

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Re: Part/model # list for 350 attachments?

Post by Stan Disbrow » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:25 am


Over in the FAQ section I have a list of the manuals for most of the machines. Like 420, 440, 350, 450, etc, and by series as well. Included are the manuals for the attachments. Dozers, loaders, hoes, etc. For the Deere stuff. Not for aftermarket. But, it will get you started. It is in machine chronological order, so just scroll down to 350. The C uses the same stuff as the B, so you'll find what you want under 350B. Except the 3-pt hitch, which didn't have its own number for the assembly.


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