Running a larger (78") Drott bucket on my JD350C?

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Running a larger (78") Drott bucket on my JD350C?

Post by AddamsonFlint » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:08 pm

Finding a 60" Drott 4-in-1 has been challenging to say the least. They're just hard to find, especially in decent condition.

I do come across a fair amount of wider ones. That being said, I found this one bucket that's probably off a JD450 (maybe a 550?) ... 8309/drott

My question is, can this work? My soil is pretty earthy, not too much rock. Obviously it would be more stress on the final drives. But is it something that is "doable" in general?

Any input appreciated.

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Re: Running a larger (78") Drott bucket on my JD350C?

Post by Lavoy » Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:10 pm

Also increase stress on loader arms, front idler, track frame, etc. Not to mention the "twist" if you have one corner against something solid, as well as the added lift capacity in addition to the increased weight of a 4 in 1.
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Re: Running a larger (78") Drott bucket on my JD350C?

Post by BigV » Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:04 am

It's just too much. It was too much for the TD-6-62 and TD-9-92's.

You can find the 60" 4-1 buckets off of Hough and later Dresser and Dressta machines. Look for TD-7 and if you can find one that hasn't been crushed- the 60" is fairly common.

You're in the prime state for finding one- I've been looking for TD-6-62 parts machine to fix mine, and they are all in Ohio-Penn.

My TD-6-62 is a last year model, it wasn't sold until well after it was made. They put the 78" Drott on it, the original owner had a dealership put a 92 series Turbo on it and a larger injector pump, and a custom cam.

The DROTT FRAME ON IT IS RIDICULOUS ! The TD-6 inside is about like your base 350 machine and yet the TD is DWARFED BY THE FRAME. The ENTIRETY of the MACHINE IS THE FRAME. Hauling it is ridiculous. It took a dual axle roll back as well as a skidder to get it loaded when I brought it home.

I can tell you that some of the TD-340A's came special ordered with a D-188 instead of the little D-166, people will say I'm full of it, but IH was of the mindset that if someone had $$$ they'd put a machine out the door. There are TD-340A's with the D-188 and the 60" bucket. I have one. It is my TD-340 that got vandalized. With the right counter weighting- the little machine has lifted and moved an 18,000lb Colchester Clausing lathe(Make it or fake baby- it made it). The machine is supposed to be capped at 12k lifting. It didn't miss a beat. It also has an auxillary hydraulic prince pump and steel formed lines- when I replace them, I don't even bother with flex lines- I pay $$$$$$ and get the formed steel made. My behind burns everytime I think on it.

So can you do it ? Yes. How ? Read on:
You really need the matching frame that came with the bucket and it is a pain in the hind in to do the swap. You basically strip your machine down to where it is plain jane crawler- nothing on it. Now you need a complete DONOR and you strip the frame unit down. you need a twin pair of high gantries like at professional boat rebuilding dock, and you lift the frame up and put it on the machine. Then you build it up from there, every pin, every cylinder. It ain't fun. It's a nightmare.
You can still find a TD-6-62 or a 9-92 up your way- that's the only place I see them. If you have to have the 78" bucket- that's the only way I'd do it.

Can you find a 78" bucket on a wheel loader and slap 'er on there and call it a day ? Yes sir, you can. But every time you mount your machine you better mind that every pin, every arm, every pivot, every weld, every casting, every cylinder- is going to be under constant strain it was never once intended for. Thus it is a matter of WHEN- NOT IF, BUT WHEN- you will tear your machine apart.

It really isn't worth it, honestly. Best wishes friend.

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