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Shop Dogs

Post by CuttingEdge » Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:14 pm

Anyone have a Shop Dog?

Being a sheep farm, we had a sheep dog (Great Pyrenees) that always watched out for the sheep. 24/7/365 days, our dog was outside protecting the sheep. Over the eight years she was on patrol, she got (5) notches on her collar; (2) fox and (2) coyotes and (1) eagle that swooped down to try and grab a lamb. A wayward Husky would have got shredded had the dog managed to get through the sheep fence.

She was not unscathed from her career though, as she got Lyme Disease as well as PTSD from getting nearly hit by lightning twice.

She had a good life out with the sheep though, even though we got a lot of grief for having our dog out in the winter, but what dog do you know has a dog house that literally is the size of a barn, and a kennel that was several hundred acres in size?

But when we sold our sheep off this past fall, she was eight years old, and at retirement age. She does her job still, just her "flock to protect" is us now as she has moved into the house full-time. I affectionately call her "Grandma Dog" as she is like a Grandma in the house, always sleeping and snoring, but the other night when an intruder came at 2 AM she was protecting us like she was two years old.

Happy Retirement Duchess, you deserve it.

I have no intention of traveling to my grave in a well manicured body; instead I am going to slide into heaven with a big power turn, totally wore out with busted knuckles, jump off my dozer loudly yelling, Woo Hoo, another Shepard has just arrived!

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