450 jd crawler loader track adjuster

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bradley s meneely

450 jd crawler loader track adjuster

Post by bradley s meneely » Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:30 pm

Hi, i am a newby to the dozer world . Bought a 450 john deere crawler loader which has had a engine upgrade to a 4039d. Used it for about 10hrsand worked great. The left track was very tight since i bought it and ran it with the bleeder open on the track adjuster and no graese would come out also ran it with zert loose . Would not bleed off or colap. used bucket to colap and it did and grease came out bleeder hole and open hole were zert was.Know i can pull idler forward and fill with grease and leaks out back of piston,iam sure the seal know is leaking.My question is can i remove adjuster from dozer without removing track or is there a fix i can do without resealing adjuster. Thougt i could maybe use hydralic ram to push idler foward enough to get to none rusty piston and see if it would hold. Problem is the dozer is out in the woods way out in the woods so i am limited to hand tools to work on it. Thankyou

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Re: 450 jd crawler loader track adjuster

Post by tjdub » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:14 pm

Welcome Bradley. Luckily for me, I've never had to deal with the tensioners on my 450 (yet) so I'm not sure if you can remove them without breaking the tracks. However, if you're in a tough spot, I have read about a trick to get a tensioner to seal. I'll probably get yelled at for even suggesting it, but it sounded like it could work and it's definitely something that a dummy like me would try:

1. Push the front idler all the way in to get all the grease out.
2. Load a grease gun up with silicon and pump a few shots in to make an impromptu seal.
3. Pull the front idler out until the track's tensioned while pumping it full of grease careful not to shoot all of the silicon out of the bad seal.

It will probably be a mess when you do get the tensioner off to put a new seal in, but hey, it probably beats moving your shop into the woods :)

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Post by gerald » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:40 pm

I just replace Seals on my on my 350 it was easy , I had the track off doing steering clutches. Remove 4 bolts at the idler there tight. You may use a comelong to pull back from the front. I think you need to brake the track an push the Idler all the way to the front. Befor I fixed it right I used 6 ton jack to get the right adjustment an mesured the distance between the block and adjuster i cut 2 pieces of 1 inch pipe wedged it in and ran it with no trouble or you could use a jack an weld it in till you get where you need to be. I dont see how the silcon trick will work it wont mix with grease. The seal for the ram is a heavy teflon ring that fits tight an seals up agains heavy 0 ring pushing up against 2 inch cylinder rod.
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